We bring together industry leaders and mentors to garner the collective capability and expertise to deliver innovative, comprehensive transportation and installation project services for offshore wind developments. We offer Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPC/EPCM), Program and Project Management, Project Controls, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Start-up and Commissioning, and Consulting Services that reduce the risks and uncertainties involved with complex offshore wind installation campaigns.

Foundation Transportation & Installation

Bleutec’s Pile Installation Vessel (PIV) is a low emissions DP2 jack-up vessel designed to handle offshore monopile installation up to 4,500mT, 120m length and 15m diameter. The PIV incorporates increased automation to improve installation efficiencies, lessen crew training requirements and enhance operational safety, as well as enhanced onboard electrification with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), remote Vessel Performance Optimization (VPO), and low emissions fuel capability to enable Client’s ability to meet increasing vessel decarbonization requirements.

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WTG Installation & Commissioning

Bleutec’s Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Light (WTIVL) is a low emissions DP2 jack-up vessel designed to install offshore wind turbines up to 22 MW. Working closely with OEM's and developers to deliver scalable workability in the most cost effective solution is a core behavior within our company culture. We view everyone as a partner in delivering a successful installation project for our clients. Our WTIVL was developed to maximize the capability of the jack-up crane vessel and provide a multipurpose vessel to support Wind Turbine installations, operations and commissioning, and decommissioning activities.

Operations & Maintenance

Bleutec’s Service Operation Vessel (SOV) is a spacious cost-competitive low emissions DP2 multi-purpose vessel design incorporating future-proof and eco-efficient technologies to enhance the performance and lifespan of this vessel from wind turbine installation to commissioning, through to long-term O&M. Our SOV is designed to couple with and seamlessly support Bleutec’s PIV and WTIVL as they install foundations and turbines. This SOV is equipped with the necessary field accommodation, office, workshop, warehouse, survey, offshore service operation and remote capabilities to ensure cost effective offshore wind developments in line with client timeliness.


Bleutec's BMIS is a spread of vessels designed to operate simultaneously or independently in offshore wind developments. Our installation vessels move from location through a coupled surrogate SOV that also provides accommodations for our construction personnel, commissioning support, and ultimately can remain with the development for long term operations and maintenance.

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